‘Precipitation poses risk for flights at Trabzon Airport’

‘Precipitation poses risk for flights at Trabzon Airport’

‘Precipitation poses risk for flights at Trabzon Airport’

The increasing precipitation creates a grave danger for flights at Trabzon Airport, one of the busiest in the region, as the red clay on the runways is extremely vulnerable to rain water, an expert has warned.

Geological engineer Osman Bektaş stated that the runway of Trabzon Airport, where over 23,000 flights take off and land annually, and which is one of the busiest airports in the Black Sea region, has undergone repairs five times in three years due to cracks and subsidence in the asphalt.

Recently, the runway was closed for repairs due to cracks and subsidence caused by increased rainfall. After night-long efforts, the airport has reopened for flight traffic.

The underlying red clay beneath the airport’s runway surface has been identified as the cause of swelling, bulging and cracking in the asphalt, leading to frequent flight cancellations, Bektaş said.

Bektaş suggested that the airport should temporarily close, especially during tourism season, when 4,500 passengers travel with 35 flights daily.

Stating that “Trabzon Airport is in distress,” Bektaş emphasized the need for a comprehensive study and improvement of the current runway, as well as reinforcement of the subsoil with piles to ensure a safe and secure flight policy.

“Construction of a new airport is at the project stage. This is a project that may take five to 10 years. Therefore, the current runway should be repaired, and a permanent solution implemented before resuming flights,” he said.