Policeman killed in clashes

Policeman killed in clashes

ŞIRNAK - Hürriyet
Policeman killed in clashes

Mustafa Erdoğan, who was killed in Şırnak, was laid to rest in Yozgat on March 23. AA Photo

Clashes that began March 21 between security forces and militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Cudi Mountains in the southeastern province of Şırnak continued through March 23, with another special police operative killed.

Security forces’ operations did not let up on Friday, as special gendarmerie and police forces continued their pursuit of PKK militants through the Sehi Forest on the border between the southeastern provinces of Siirt and Bitlis. Nine PKK militants were killed in the ensuing clashes, while another two militants were captured alive. A special police operative was also killed, while two village guards and three more police operatives were injured in the engagements. Further reinforcements were also flown into the area, and Cobra attack helicopters provided close air support for troops on the ground, according to reports. Sporadic fighting in the area was still underway as the Daily News went to print.

A total of seven special police operatives have thus far lost their lives since operations kicked in on March 21, and the remains of five of those operatives were laid to rest in their respective hometowns on March 23.

Wednesday’s clashes in the southeastern province of Şırnak killed seven PKK members, while 10 more members of the security forces were also reportedly injured.