Police quell BDP demo urging reforms for Kurdish solution in Diyarbakır

Police quell BDP demo urging reforms for Kurdish solution in Diyarbakır

Police quell BDP demo urging reforms for Kurdish solution in Diyarbakır

The Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) had announced a one-month schedule of the 'Government, take a step' rallies. The rallies are part of the three-month-long 'Democratic Resolution Move' that kicked off on June 30. DHA photo

A demonstration in the southeastern city of Diyarbakır, organized by the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) and aimed at urging the government to speed up reforms to move the Kurdish peace process forward was quelled by riot police on June 30.

Security forces used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the protesters as Van independent deputy Aysel Tuğluk was preparing to make a statement.

Clashes spread to side streets and at least three protesters were injured. Some have also been detained, daily Radikal reported.

Around 3,000 people had gathered in Diyarbakır upon a call from the BDP, including Diyarbakır Mayor Osman Baydemir, the BDP's provincial chairman Zübeyde Zümrüt and other top local officials.

How can peace be achieved without our rights? BDP co-chair asks

BDP co-chair Gültan Kışanak negotiated with police officers, asking them to stop their intervention.


Around 3,000 people attended the march 
in Diyarbakır, including mayor Osman 
Baydemir and MP Aysel Tuğluk. DHA photo

"How are we going to achieve peace if we can't fulfill our most democratic and legitimate rights? I condemn this violent, fascist attack," Kışanak told reporters.

"The government should decide if it wants a solution, peace and democratic politics, or war, conflict and fascism. Then we will make our own decisions and move on," Kışanak said, adding that she did not believe that the intervention was not related to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). "The AKP's attitude is one that incites these attacks. Nobody will escape by accusing local officials or police."

The demonstration in Diyarbakır was the first of the "Government, take a step" rallies recently announced by the BDP. The party said it would organize a three-month-long "Democratic Resolution Move" demanding the government take action in the form of legal reforms for the "second phase" of the peace process, the first one being considered the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) withdrawal from Turkish soil.

"The main demand of the 'Democratic Resolution Move' was for the government to fulfill freedom for [jailed PKK leader] Mr. Abdullah Öcalan," the BDP's statement also said.

The crowd also protested the recent clashes in nearby Lice between soldiers and villagers, which left one dead and 10 injured.