Police promote pedestrian safety

Police promote pedestrian safety

ISTANBUL-Anadolu Agency
Police promote pedestrian safety

Police have been stationed at points across Turkey as part of a project to draw attention to pedestrian safety.

At least 7,258 police officers in Istanbul have been working under the motto “We are on duty for pedestrian safety” at 4,660 points.

Some students in Taksim Square also took part in the project with banners to raise awareness about pedestrian safety and handed out brochures with police.

According to Istanbul Deputy Governor Mehmet Ali Özyiğit, the number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians has fallen 12% this year in the metropolis.

The activity has especially taken place in front of public buildings and at pedestrian crossings.

In Bursa province, the project was conducted at 239 points with 1,313 police officers.

In Balikesir province, governor Ersin Yazici distributed hats and whistles to disabled students. Police officers also informed drivers in front of schools about the safety of pupils.

The project was held simultaneously in other provinces of Turkey including Eskişehir, Çanakkale, Kütahya, Bilecik, Yalova, Ordu, Rize, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Artvin and Trabzon.