Photo of Bayezid II Mosque wins medal

Photo of Bayezid II Mosque wins medal

SAMSUN - Anatolia News Agency
Photo of Bayezid II Mosque wins medal

Emre Bostanoğlu depicts the mystical atmosphere of the Bayezıd II Mosque.

A photo of Bayezıd II Mosque, shot by Emre Bostanoğlu, has been awarded a bronze medal at the seventh International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) competition in France.

Bostanoğlu depicted the mystical atmosphere of the mosque as worshippers were praying. The mosque is a 15th century structure in the northern province of Amasya that was dedicated to Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II.

Speaking to Anatolia news agency, Bostanoğlu said he was happy to win such a prestigious award. The photographer said he had had won several awards from both local and international contests.

Promoting Samsun

Bostanoğlu’s photo association, FOKUS, also participated in the competition, finishing 48th out of 157 teams.

Noting that their aim in creating FOKUS was to present the Black Sea province of Samsun with a new approach in terms of culture, he said: “There were many things that have not been realized in Samsun. We aim to make Samsun a significant place in world photography.”

He said Turkey’s “Sille Art Palace” team also finished second and won the special jury award in the same contest. “My current success also affected me a lot. Before me, only one Turkish photographer had won this award.”

Bostanoğlu said the award ceremony would be held Feb. 16 in Paris, but added that he might not be able to attend the award ceremony due to financial problems as FIAP does not cover travel expenses.
“We take photographs just as a hobby. Traveling means spending money. In the association, we contribute the main finances for buying the machines and going on journeys to take photos. I might not be able to go to France when my own expenses are considered,” he said. Bostanoğlu said the only way he could attend the ceremony was if he managed to locate a sponsor.