Pera Film presents new online film program

Pera Film presents new online film program

Pera Film presents new online film program

Pera Film is presenting “Our Real Home is Our Life,” an online film program within the scope of the exhibition, titled “Impossible Homecoming,” which opened in April at Pera Museum.

The works of Etel Adnan, who was born into a family with many languages, religions and identities, portray her history of migrating through different geographies, the weight of this world, and the search for the place we call home.

“Our Real Home is Our Life” includes various forms of moving images: Videos of conversations with Etel Adnan, documentaries that follow the traces of her work and essay films that are inspired by her oeuvre.

The program will continue until Aug. 20, during which it will present “Words in Exile,” the documentary which through visuals fragments depicts Etel Adnan’s unique portrait shaped by a multiplicity of languages, of peoples and their identities; “Five Senses for One Death,” in which Etel Adnan, together with Gavin Bryars, deals with topics of memory, archeological excavation and historiography at the intersection of artistic practice and scientific research; “I See Infinite Distance Between Any Point and Another,” which is one part of the trilogy by Otolith Group’s experimentation on both politics and aesthetics of water, revolving around the movement of thought and of the ocean; and lastly, “In Conversation with Etel Adnan,” an interview with the artist conducted by the Ireland Modern Art Museum’s curator Rachael Thomas on her work and life in 2015.

The program is only accessible online to audiences in Turkey.

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