Panel changes work pattern for charter

Panel changes work pattern for charter

ANKARA - Hürriyet Daily News
Panel changes work pattern for charter

Parliament is expected to vote on a new Constitution in the coming months. DAILY NEWS photo

Parliament’s Constitution Conciliation Commission has decided to include two new sections in the draft constitution currently being prepared. The sections, titled “Administrative and Public Services” and “Judiciary,” will be opened to negotiation by early February.

During a meeting held under the chairmanship of Parliamentary Speaker Cemil Çiçek on Jan. 15, the Commission also took important decisions including the reorganization of work hours.

The Commission has decided to have its members’ views submitted under the title of “Administrative and Public Services” by Jan. 21, while the “Judicial” section is to be submitted to the Parliamentary Speaker’s Office by Feb. 5.

So far, the Commission has negotiated the sections of “Fundamental Rights and Liberties,” “Legislation,” and “Execution.” While the Commission has been unable to reach a full consensus on the “Fundamental Rights and Liberties” section, work on the other two sections is currently ongoing.

After the “Administrative and Public Services” and “Judiciary” sections are negotiated, the Commission will deal with the “Preamble,” “Fundamental Principles,” “Introduction,” “Financial and Economic Rights,” and “Transitional Provisions” sections.

The Commission has also decided to introduce open-ended working hours until the end of April in order to complete the six remaining sections by that time. According to the newly-organized work hours, the Commission will start working at 10.30 a.m. on weekdays and could extend into the evening hours if necessary.