Open Dialogue Istanbul announces art workshops

Open Dialogue Istanbul announces art workshops

Open Dialogue Istanbul announces art workshops Open Dialogue Istanbul, an institution active in international art organizations, has launched art workshops for adults and children. 

The art workshops focus on changing the perception of art in the daily lives of people while making art part of everything. The workshops will be held by renowned artists and lecturers. During the opening, which took place on Dec. 16 in Istanbul, many art lovers and artists gathered to celebrate the workshops. 

Speaking to the Hürriyet Daily News, the owner of the art institution, lecturer and academic Billur Tansel, said, “In our new office we aim to organize six different workshops for children and adults. In these workshops we hope everyone will see art in a different way and make it a part of their lives.”

The workshops of Open Dialogue Istanbul include comic strip, stop-motion animation, creative drama, drawing and collage ateliers. The institution will also organize exclusive guest artist programs that will allow artists to come and meet students and give different workshops. 

Speaking about the ateliers and workshops, Tansel said: “Children’s workshops generally address kids between 5 and 19. Thanks to organized ateliers, both children and teenagers will be able to improve their skills and creativity.”

Workshops for adults are another important activity for Open Dialogue Istanbul, according to Tansel. “For adults we have different workshops. Maybe one of the most important one among them is the guest artist workshops, which allow people to meet with the artists.”