One out of two buildings damaged in quakes: Experts

One out of two buildings damaged in quakes: Experts

One out of two buildings damaged in quakes: Experts

One out of every two buildings were damaged in the epicenters of the quakes, stated experts from Miyamoto, an international engineering and disaster management firm after examining the NASA satellite map showing the damage after two major earthquakes.

NASA has released a satellite map indicating the damage caused by the deadly earthquakes that hit southern Türkiye.

Miyamoto experts reported satellite damage images.

The report pointed out the fact that one of every two buildings was damaged in the devastating earthquakes, especially those in the epicenters.

Professor Watanave said that some of the major earthquakes in Japan occur at the junction of the tectonic plates just as with the Feb. 6 quakes, but the earthquakes in Türkiye were much more destructive as they occurred on land rather than at the sea.

Eric Fielding, a geophysicist from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said: “These were very large and powerful earthquakes that broke up along a long series of fault segments. This created an extremely strong shaking over a very large area, which hit many cities and towns where many people resided.”

The rupture length, magnitude and destructiveness of the 7.7 magnitude earthquake are similar to the 1906 earthquake that rattled San Francisco, Fielding said.

In the 1906 earthquake, more than 3,000 people lost their lives and most parts of the city were heavily damaged.