Nobel laureate visits Baku, liberated Karabakh

Nobel laureate visits Baku, liberated Karabakh

Nobel laureate visits Baku, liberated Karabakh

Turkey’s Nobel laureate in chemistry, Aziz Sancar, has paid a visit to Azerbaijan’s capital city of Baku and Shusha, a symbolic city located in the Karabakh, which was liberated last year after 28 years of Armenian occupation.

Speaking at a press conference held in Baku, Sancar said that he considers the liberation of Karabakh as the greatest victory after the Turkish War of Independence and that he followed the 44-day war “day and night.”

Noting that it was clearly seen on his way to Fuzuli by plane that Karabakh was completely destroyed, Sancar said that he did not see a single building standing up in the region and that there was a scene of complete savagery.

Stating that he had a nice and positive meeting with Azerbaijani President İlham Aliyev, the prominent scientist said that the Karabakh War and the 30-year-old hypocrisy of the OSCE Minsk Group were discussed during their meeting.

Sancar also stressed that it is necessary to be “strong in science.”

“An important aspect of being a Turkish nationalist is to be strong in science. If we are not strong in science, be as nationalistic as you want, love your homeland as much as you want, you cannot resist what foreign powers do and do what they want,” he noted.

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