No ceremony to be held for poet’s death anniversary

No ceremony to be held for poet’s death anniversary

Muğla - Doğan News Agency
No ceremony to be held for poet’s death anniversary

August 12 will mark famous Turkish poet Can Yücel’s 13th death anniversary.

The family of famous Turkish poet Can Yücel will not organize a ceremony for the anniversary of his death on Aug. 12, and the “Can House,” which displays the poet’s belongings, will remain closed until those who attacked his grave last year are punished, Yücel’s wife, Güler Yücel, has said.

Yücel composed a poem for the anniversary of her husband’s death, and said “Can said ‘Let Datça be my hometown,’ but they damaged his tomb.” Upon his death on Aug. 12, 1999, it was Yücel’s desire to be buried in Datça.

Attack to the tomb

Güler Yücel said she was upset by the attack on the tomb and added that the municipality did not want to hold a ceremony because wine has been consumed at past ceremonies.

“We were offended because of the attack on his tomb. We are sick and tired of such things. Probably they don’t love Can, but nearly 150 people visit Can’s house [each ]. Can’s poems are read all over the country,” she said. “We will not hold an anniversary ceremony, but we will commemorate him as a family. Can did a lot for Datça. He published the book ‘Mekanım Datça Olsun’ (Let my place be Datça), but they harmed his tomb. It is such a disrespectful action, it is a real shame.”

Yücel added that the Can House, which receives approximately 150 weekday and 200 holiday visitors each year, will remain closed until the perpertrators of the tomb attack are brought to justice.