New version of Suleiman the Magnificient book penned

New version of Suleiman the Magnificient book penned

Erkan Aktuğ - ISTANBUL
New version of Suleiman the Magnificient book penned

A group of Turkish miniature artists has drawn and penned a modern and exact version of the 16th-century work of art “Süleymannâme,” a biography illustration of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificient.

The original book is restored in the Topkapı Palace but is not exhibited for visitors to see.

To make the work available for young generations, the Miniature Project Group, headed by artist Özcan Özcan drew some 54 modern versions of the miniatures existing in the original book.

“We worked on Süleymannâme to let the new generations comprehend Suleiman better,” Özcan said at the introductory meeting of the new version of “Süleymannâme” on March 28.

The modern-day copies of the original miniatures are exhibited in the Çınar Culture and Arts Center in Istanbul’s Üsküdar district.

“Suleiman ruled the world and brought a new world order some 500 years ago,” Özcan noted.

“With simple phrases and poetry, we made the original book a little more lucid to the new generations,” he added.
When asked about the reason behind the project, Özcan replied, “With this work, we wanted to show the enormous responsibility of the big power Suleiman had and the sacrifices he made.”

According to Özcan, the biggest problem (in Turkey) occurs when reuniting culture and arts. “We make arts, but there is no culture in that. Culture and arts must mix with each other to avoid identity crisis in the youth,” he highlighted.

The book, which is on sale online, depicts Suleiman’s life in chronological order. Starting from the day he was crowned, the book tells about Suleiman’s daily life inside and outside
the palace.

“The new Süleymannâme is a work of great effort. People can not even see the original book behind a show glass in Topkapı Palace. But we made it touchable symbolically,” said Rabia Babaoğlu, the head of the Çınar International Culture and Art Association who hosted the introductory meeting.

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