New project to revive museums, ancient sites

New project to revive museums, ancient sites

New project to revive museums, ancient sites

A view from the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul.

Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Ministry has initiated a new project to revive the fortunes of the country’s museums and ancient sites by seeking to emulate some of the world’s leading cultural spaces.

The project, “Journey to History to Museums and Ancient Sites,” will take leading art centers such as the British National Gallery, France’s Louvre and the Netherlands’ van Gogh Museum as examples, while organizing various artistic and social events during evening hours.

According to information provided by the ministry, cinema film screenings, virtual tours and sound and light shows will be made in museums and ancient sites in Antalya, Istanbul, İzmir and Denizli.

Ministry officials hope that the evening activities will draw in people that have never even visited the sites.
One of the goals of the project is to promote the country in the most accurate way with the use of opportunities afforded by scientific research and technology.

The project was recently announced in the Official Gazette and will go to tender on Aug. 4.