New ‘Ottoman Party’ founded in Turkey

New ‘Ottoman Party’ founded in Turkey

New ‘Ottoman Party’ founded in Turkey A new political party called the “Ottoman Party” has been founded in Turkey with the slogan “Turkey is the Leader.” 

The party features Arabic words on its emblem and aims to “participate in the next elections by forming organizations in a short period of time.” 

“Nothing will be the same. We will place everything in an institutional structure,” the head of the party, İbrahim Ünye, said, adding that they would “change politics in Turkey.”

“In the near future, we will have a camp, complete our training and announce our projects. We will reach the furthest point of our country. We will knock on every door and won’t leave a hand that wasn’t shaken and a heart that wasn’t entered,” he also said.  

Noting that members of the Ottoman Party are “from the heart of Muslim Turkish society,” Ünye said they were creating projects for “the Muslims in Turkey and the world.”

“We will cultivate all of the soil that our ancestors graced under the name of Turkish-Islamic unity. No one will be able to fool around on Muslim soil,” he added. 

A total of 30 people can gather and found a party in Turkey, according to the law on political parties.