New horse track inaugurated with breathtaking race

New horse track inaugurated with breathtaking race

New horse track inaugurated with breathtaking race

A new horse track has been inaugurated in the Mediterranean province of Antalya with a breathtaking race with the participation of legendary Turkish jockeys: Halis Karataş, Gökhan Kocakaya and Ahmet Çelik.

Agriculture and Forestry Deputy Minister Akif Özkaldı, members of the Board of Directors of the Jockey Club of Turkey (TJK), local officials and thousands of residents attended the opening ceremony of the 1,800-person capacity horse track, for which the first steps towards its construction were taken in 2017.

Speaking at the ceremony, TJK Board Chairman Serdar Adalı said that he experienced the excitement and pride of the opening of Turkey’s 10th horse track in Antalya.

TJK Secretary-General Ahmet Özbelge said that the horse track costs 500 million Turkish Liras ($37.5 million) and that the new racecourse would contribute to the regional economy.

Consisting of a 46-block barn where 1,104 horses will be housed, the hippodrome will host a total of 242 races, two days a week, within the scope of two racing seasons this year.

 The opening race of the facility was won by a thoroughbred named "Jammy Justen" under the direction of jockey Ahmet Çelik, a champion athlete who won the world-famous Gazi Race seventh time in a row.

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