Nearly 34,000 birds ringed in 2021

Nearly 34,000 birds ringed in 2021

Nearly 34,000 birds ringed in 2021

Turkish authorities registered and ringed 33,817 birds from 178 species in 2021, according to a report released by the country’s Agriculture and Forestry Ministry.

Around 28,723 of the birds were ringed at local stations in the country, while 4,836 of them were ringed within the scope of scientific research projects.

In 2021, 165 birds from 28 different species were treated, ringed and released into nature by authorities.

Birds are captured, and their information such as species, age and gender are registered, using it as a sort of identity card with rings given a different code number.

With this method, the migration of birds, how many years they live, their reproduction and survival success, their first breeding age, how old they continue to breed and the dispersal rates of young birds are investigated.

Located at the junction of the routes of birds migrating from Asia, Europe and Africa, Turkey is home to more than 468 bird species.