Nature wonder canyon awaits its visitors

Nature wonder canyon awaits its visitors

Nature wonder canyon awaits its visitors

Kanlıbüvet Canyon in the southern province of Kahramanmaraş’s Andırın district, famous for its turquoise water and rich flora, has started welcoming visitors again as restrictions taken to control the spread of COVID-19 across Turkey are easing.

A photographer’s paradise thanks to its natural beauty and mesmerizing scenery, the canyon has become a center of attraction in the region with the attention of visitors from the surrounding provinces.

It has also caught international attention as more local and foreign tourists flock to the shore of Köprüağzı Creek and the stone bluffs that are dozens of meters high.

Apart from its fascinating view, the canyon is also available for camping options for those looking to embrace Mother Nature.

Andırın Mayor Ahmet Doğan told Anadolu Agency that Kanlıbüvet Canyon is one of the shining tourism destinations of the eastern Mediterranean.

Noting that the canyon’s reputation for its unique nature and ice-cold water resembling a natural aquarium is increasing by the day, Doğan said that it is possible to see every shade of green in the region.

“The population of our district reaches 35,000 in winter and 150,000 in summer. Plateau tourism is also very common in Andırın. Some 100,000-150,000 visitors come to the canyon annually,” Doğan said, adding that he believes that more visitors will come as people’s interest in nature has grown due to the pandemic.