Nation Alliance’s gov't program drafted in common sense: İYİ Party leader

Nation Alliance’s gov't program drafted in common sense: İYİ Party leader

Nation Alliance’s govt program drafted in common sense: İYİ Party leader

İYİ (Good) Party leader Meral Akşener said on Feb. 1 that the six-party Nation Alliance’s government program is the concrete plan of what they will do after May 14 elections drafted over discussions of the opposition leaders in “common sense.”

“We will take on the path to a developing, prospering and democratizing Türkiye of tomorrow,” Akşener said to her party members at the parliament.

“It defends Türkiye, which is equal in wealth, against waste, corruption and its partisan economy. We, as six political parties, until now; we were interested in what to do after we win the election,” she stated.

“We discussed about our problems in the light of common sense. We worked together for solutions. We have all signed a principle that Türkiye has never seen before,” she stated.

If they come to the power, the Alliance will turn Türkiye into an investment center, she said and continued, “May 14 will be the first step of a strong and rich Türkiye. A free and democratic Türkiye will have its chains broken.”

The six-party Nation Alliance unveiled its government program on Jan. 30 covering nine major areas, 75 subtitles with more than 2,000 targets to overhaul the governance system, economic policies, foreign policy, education and social policies for placing Türkiye into the league of high-income countries in the world.

The CHP, the Democracy and Progress Party (DEVA), İYİ (Good) Party, the Felicity Party, the Democrat Party and the Future Party have been allied to introduce a “strengthened parliamentary system.”

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