Mystery over Özal’s death should be resolved: Gül

Mystery over Özal’s death should be resolved: Gül

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
Turkish President Abdullah Gül has said he hopes to see a resolution to the mystery surrounding late President Turgut Özal’s death, along with an end to “these kinds of debates.” 

“It is sad to say that our nation, with such a rooted state tradition, has failed to come to conclusions beyond doubt through a thorough, scientific probe about the death of a president in office,” Gül said. 

Gül further told members of the press that he had plans to meet Özal’s widow, Semra Özal, as soon as possible. 

Earlier this week, a State Audit Report showed declared Özal’s 1993 death as “suspicious.” 

Özal’s son also commented on the issue, saying there were “grave doubts” about the report. “We’ve been saying for years that it wasn’t a natural death, that he didn’t have any heart conditions,” Ahmet Özal said. “Now it’s coming out.”