Muğla to have the largest truffle area

Muğla to have the largest truffle area

MUĞLA – Anatolia News Agency
Muğla to have the largest truffle area

Aegean town of Muğla in Turkey is suitable for producing tuffle mushrooms in the forests, according to experts. Hürriyet photo

Turkey is aiming to create an artificial truffle mushroom forest to increase the production of truffles in the country. The forest will be created in the Mediterranean region to take advantage of the area’s favorable climactic conditions.

A protocol has been signed between Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University and the Forest Region Directorship. Speaking during the signing ceremony, Mansur Harmandar said that in the world the truffle mushroom had the potential to attract a $6 billion market. “In Turkey, we do not see a significant development in terms of truffles. But our aim is to produce this truffle in every part of Turkey. As university representatives and academics, we aim to be a pioneer in producing truffles,” Harmandar said. “We will make a large forest area for truffles, and after five years we will receive the harvest.”

Muğla Forest Directorship Manager Ali Yıldırım said truffles had an economic power in Muğla and were part of the natural fauna of the area. 

“The rain has a significant importance for truffle production. First, the preparations will be made for the land,” he said.

Truffles are known as “black diamonds,” and are produced in tree roots. They are generally collected with trained dogs.