MP faces torturer in meeting

MP faces torturer in meeting

ISTANBUL - Radikal
Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputy and a member of Parliament’s Coup Inquiry Commission, Sırrı Süreyya Önder, faced his alleged former torturer former Mamak Prison Director retired Col. Raci Tetik in a meeting on Oct. 20, 28 years after the incident in question took place.

The commission heard two names known for committing crimes of tortures in their times as prison directors, Tetik and the head of the Security Department Refet Küçüktiryaki.

“Tetik is my personal torturer. He is not only mine, but he is the torturer of thousands of people who happened to experience the Mamak dungeon,” Önder told journalists before meeting with Tetik. “He is responsible for the deaths of two comrades. I will start by asking about [the fate of] these two particular people.”

Separate meetings between the commission and Tetik and Küçüktiryaki took place at a special care facility of the Turkish Armed Forces in Istanbul’s Çamlıca district. Tetik was reported to have shown no remorse for his previous alleged actions.

“He has an attitude that does not contain the smallest sign of remorse. He fails to remember those points that do not suit his cause. As a matter of fact, 31,000 people have been there. Only 4,000 of them have been sentenced, all the others have been acquitted. When we asked him if he had any regrets, any remorse on this, he answered no,” MHP Istanbul deputy Atilla Kaya said as the commission was leaving the meeting.