Motorcycle ambulances on duty across country

Motorcycle ambulances on duty across country

Motorcycle ambulances on duty across country


Within the scope of the works of the Health Ministry, motorcycle ambulances have been introduced to provide emergency healthcare services to patients within minutes, especially in zones where traffic jams are frequent.

A total of 60 motorcycle ambulances across the country started to provide urgent medical assistance to patients within minutes on busy boulevards, narrow streets, parks and recreation areas. Approximately 500 patients were treated in two months with two motorcycle ambulances on duty in the capital Ankara.

Motorcycle ambulances, which include a paramedic and an emergency medical technician in each, perform the first intervention to the patient. If necessary, additional support is requested, and the patient is transferred to the hospital. Motorcycle ambulances also include almost all the equipment available in a regular ambulance.

There are 142 personnel working in 60 motorcycle ambulances across the country. In Ankara, 12 personnel and two ambulances provide healthcare services between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Speaking to local media, Osman Eriklioğlu, one of the motorcycle ambulance paramedics, said that they get around 10 cases a day and about 250 cases a month.

“The feature that distinguishes motorcycle ambulances from regular ambulances is their ability to reach the patient more quickly to make the first intervention and stabilize the patient, and to ensure that the patient is transported by calling the land ambulance if necessary,” Eriklioğlu said.

Saying that he has been working as a paramedic for eight years, Eriklioğlu pointed out that they face daily problems, especially with taxi and minibus drivers, while reaching the patient.

“In general, citizens think that we are traffic police teams. As motorcycle paramedics, we are constantly in traffic to reach the cases as quickly as possible. Therefore, we would be glad if both taxi and minibus drivers, as well as pedestrians, help us and make way for us on the streets,” he added.