More than 1 million pets registered in PETVET

More than 1 million pets registered in PETVET

More than 1 million pets registered in PETVET

Approximately 647,000 cats and 457,000 dogs have been registered in a pet tracking system called “PETVET” a few days before the deadline set by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry.

Based on an animal protection legislation that came into force in late 2018, the ministry started the project to determine the exact number of dogs, cats and weasels looked after by their owners.

The regulation mandated that pet cats, dogs and weasels be microchipped by Dec. 31.

Following announcements to promote the PETVET system, owners applied to local authorities affiliated with the ministry to register their pets and put chips into them.

According to data of the ministry, more than 1 million pets, including nearly 647,000 cats, 457,000 dogs and 18 weasels have been identified and registered throughout the country since Jan. 1, 2021.

On the other hand, veterinarians are experiencing a shortage of chips due to the density.

For this reason, the ministry decided to take some precautions for those who could not register their pet because of the microchips supply or systemic problems on PETVET.

Accordingly, if pet owners apply to the provincial or district agriculture and forestry directorates with a “declaration” stating the problems they experienced by Dec. 31, the microchip application and registration process can be completed without any criminal proceedings in the following period.

Animal owners will be able to submit these documents to provincial and district directorates as well as to veterinarians.

Pets without chips will not be able to receive veterinary services, while the owners of non-microchipped animals will be fined 6,072 Turkish Liras ($325).

After the fine, the animal will be able to benefit from pet health service with microchip processing.

With the help of chips, authorities will be able to identify these pets, track their medical records and their whereabouts.

Thanks to the system pets that were abandoned or got lost can be found and delivered back to their owners.

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