More people involved in shoddy constructions detained: Bozdağ

More people involved in shoddy constructions detained: Bozdağ

More people involved in shoddy constructions detained: Bozdağ

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ has announced that 171 arrest warrants have been issued for people alleged to be involved in shoddy and illegal constructions that toppled down in deadly earthquakes.

According to Bozdağ’s statements, within the scope of the earthquake investigations, 583 suspects have been prosecuted so far, 171 people have been sentenced to arrest and 197 people have been sentenced to judicial control.

Arrest warrants were issued for 77 people, 49 people were ordered to be detained and 14 people are in custody.

There are two people who are known to be abroad, 11 people who have died during the quakes, and 62 people whose statements have been taken.

Bozdağ added that of the 171 people arrested so far, 78 are contractors and 64 are supervisors. There are 11 building owners and 18 people who made illegal changes to the buildings.

Bozdağ said if any of the columns and beams were cut, therefore causing the buildings to collapse during the earthquakes, legal actions will be taken against all people involved, including people who condoned these illegal changes and people who did not use their power and authority to inspect these buildings accordingly.

“Whoever is responsible for a collapsed building, regardless of their position, they will all be put on trial,” Bozdağ said, stressing that all kinds of actions and procedures will be taken without hesitation.

“Justice will be served. No one should be worried about that. Those responsible will be held accountable to the judiciary of the nation.”