Moliere’s ‘Miser’ in Ankara after 16 years

Moliere’s ‘Miser’ in Ankara after 16 years

Moliere’s ‘Miser’ in Ankara after 16 years

State Theaters General Director Mustafa Kurt

Moliere’s classic “The Miser,” which was first staged in Turkey by the actor Işıl Kasapoğlu in the 2002-2003 season at the Adana State Theater, will be on stage after 16 years in Ankara on Jan. 4. 

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency about the play, State Theaters General Director Mustafa Kurt, who is starring in the play as Harpagon, said they will hold the first premier of the year with “The Miser,” adding that the play was staged a few times by the Istanbul and Adana state theaters. 

He said Moliere was a world-famous playwright and “The Miser” is a play known throughout the world, adding that the State Theaters’ aim was to bring as many world classics as they can to the stage. 

The play’s decor was made by Hakan Dündar, costumes by Funda Karasaç, music by Kemal Günüç and lighting by Osman Uzgören. 

Kurt defined the lead character Harpagon as one who “denies his wealth to everyone but is a sympathetic character.” 

He said the decor and costume designs of the play had some surprises, adding, “The play will be performed in a few stages. Tickets for 10 performances in Çayyolu stage have already been sold out.” 

Kurt said Kasapoğlu himself played the lead character Harpagon in the 2002-2003 season and wanted to stage the play again before retiring in February. 

“He set a condition, too, saying ‘I want you to play Harpagon.’ I accepted it and we started working together,” Kurt added. 

He stressed the play was the product of a six-week work.