MİT eyes ‘counterespionage briefings’ on Turkish defense industry

MİT eyes ‘counterespionage briefings’ on Turkish defense industry

MİT eyes ‘counterespionage briefings’ on Turkish defense industry

Within the scope of counter-intelligence facilities named “İKK,” Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has prioritized implementing briefings on the defense industry, the rising star sector of the country, daily Milliyet has reported. 

Turkey’s steps on defense industry and the success of drones have put the defense sector at top of the foreign intelligence services’ agendas,” the daily wrote on May 9. Between 2009 and 2020, MİT officials briefed nearly 22,000 employees of the 411 institutions about counter-espionage. However, the organization had to halt these briefings with the start of the pandemic. 

The resposibilities of MİT, examples of espionage at various industries, measures to be taken against cyber espionage were some of the subjects highlighted at these briefings. 

“MİT has now prioritized to give these briefings to the defense industry,” Milliyet wrote. 

The daily listed “Altay tanks,” “Anadolu amphibious assault ship,” “MİLGEM,” “Hürkuş C” and “Hisar Air Defense Systems” as some of the projects involving “critical information.”

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