Misfortunes haunt man during his world tour

Misfortunes haunt man during his world tour

Misfortunes haunt man during his world tour

A young man who quit his job to fulfill his dream of touring the world had no idea what lied ahead of him as he faced many misfortunes, from being banned from entering a country to finding a job with the last $10 left in his pocket.

Industrial engineer Arda Pazır did not give up and continued his world tour despite the many setbacks he experienced during his journey.

After resigning from his job and making arrangements, it took him five months to finally begin his tour as he, unfortunately, lost his camera, which he bought for his YouTube channel.

A seller also scammed him for a second-hand camera he bought by forcing his limited budget.

During his tour, the Vietnamese Immigration Department banned his entry to the country as he worked as an English teacher in Vietnam without a work permit.

“The Vietnamese Immigration Department, which realized that I was working in the country on a tourist visa, in other words, working illegally, banned me from entering the country and blacklisted me,” Pazır

“After a detailed search, I reached a Turk working on visa issues. I entered Vietnam back with his help,” Pazır stated.

“But the day I entered the country, an ATM swallowed my card, so all my remaining money. Then, my previous company did not give me a job as I was blacklisted,” he noted.

Stating that he was looking for a job in Vietnam for two days with the last $10 left in his pocket, Pazır said he found another English teaching job by a big chance.

Misfortunes followed Pazır, who went to Malaysia after working in Vietnam for a while and saving money.

“On the first day I arrived in Malaysia, all my savings got stolen. I was penniless for the second time,” Pazır explained.

“For this reason, I worked in a hostel run by a Turkish person in Malaysia for two weeks and saved some money for a return flight to Vietnam,” he added.

Not giving up on his dream of making a world tour despite what he experienced, Pazır also shares his journey with his followers through his YouTube channel.