Ministry plans to form cyber team to fight hackers

Ministry plans to form cyber team to fight hackers

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Ministry plans to form cyber team to fight hackers

A National Cyber Security Strategy Document recently proposed to Transportation and Communication Minister Binalı Yıldırım As part of the project, government teams will closely monitor cyber attacks from domestic and international sources.

The Turkish government has announced plans to establish a cyber team to combat recent attacks by activist hacking groups such as Redhack and Anonymous.

The plan, which comes on the heels of numerous protest attacks on state websites, includes the establishment of a National Cyber Security Board and a National Cyber Early Warning and Action Center to combat the two main hacking groups. The proposals were included in a recent report titled “National Cyber Security Strategy Document” that was presented to Transportation and Communication Minister Binali Yıldırım.

As part of the project, government teams will closely monitor cyber attacks from both domestic and international sources, the structures of the attacking persons or groups, as well as the plans and timing of the attacks. In response, the teams will systematically form counter plans and solutions.

According to the document, undergraduate and graduate programs will be opened in the field of cyber security, while research institutions and test centers focusing on the matter will also be promoted. In addition, special regulations will be passed to foster the employment of cyber security experts in public institutions so that the state can make use of their knowledge and skills.
Cyber defense to be sourced locally
The document also recommends the acquisition of technological devices used in cyber security from domestic sources, as well as the opening of research and development programs to encourage the production and usage of national technologies in the cyber security field.

At the same time, the proposal also calls for the foundation of a regional cyber organization that would enable Turkey to become a regional leader in the field.

The information technology infrastructure of private and public sectors, both of which operate critical infrastructure, must be upgraded to the standards of the Information Security Administrative System by the end of 2013, according to the document.

National operating system to be developed
The document also suggested that all institutions with critical infrastructure must be included in National Cyber Security exercises and that an Anti-Cyber Attack Team (SOME) should be founded. The proposal further recommended the formation of Cyber Security Excellence Networks (MÜKNET) within the Defense Industries Undersecretary in the interests of improving national cyber security products.

The document further calls for the development of systems to prevent malicious software, viruses, and attacks against firewalls using national resources, as well as national defense profiles.

Technologies such as a National Operating System, National Internet Browser and National Search Engine were also proposed in the document.

Redhack, a socialist hacking group, has frequently targeted government ministers and the police in response to current events; they have also received support for some operations from the international hacking group Anonymous.