Mine worker killed in Soma in Turkey’s Aegean region

Mine worker killed in Soma in Turkey’s Aegean region

Mine worker killed in Soma in Turkey’s Aegean region

One mine worker was killed in Manisa’s Soma district in Turkey's Aegean region after he was hit with a deflection pipe, Doğan News Agency reported on Dec. 16.

Muslettin Yılmaz was working at a private mine when a pipe weighing five tonnes lifted with a crane hit the 40-year-old man.

Yılmaz lost his life despite the medical support he received at Soma State Hospital.

The gendarmerie began an investigation into the incident, the agency reported.

Accidents have beset Turkey’s mining industry in the recent years, with the most devastating one killing 301 coal miners in the western district of Soma in May 2014, considered the country’s deadliest industrial accident.

One trapped mine worker died and one was rescued after a coal mine collapsed early on Dec. 13 in the Kilimli district of the Black Sea province of Zonguldak.

On Oct. 18, seven workers were killed in a mine collapse in the southeastern province of Şırnak.

On May 30, a collapse occurred in a mine run by a private firm in the Kilimli district.

On June 1, search and rescue teams retrieved the bodies of two workers from a collapsed coal mine in Zonguldak after more than 30 hours.

In October 2014, 18 miners died in a flood at a coal mine in the Ermenek district of the Central Anatolian province of Karaman.

In November 2016, 16 workers were killed in a copper mine landslide in the Şirvan district of the southeastern province of Siirt.

Turkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Ministry stopped the activities of 1,780 mines as of August after increased inspections of mines with a new plan adopted in August, it had announced on Nov. 18.