Millions mark first Mother’s Day after quakes

Millions mark first Mother’s Day after quakes

Millions mark first Mother’s Day after quakes

Many people are marking Mother’s Day across the country, from somber quake survivors who lost their mothers, children or spouses, to polling officials in charge of the election.

In the earthquake zone where tens of thousands of people lost their lives in early February, Mother’s Day was marked in a bitter mood this year.

On Feb. 6, in the quakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, Mehmet Aydın Yaprak, his wife Zeynep Yaprak and their baby Metin Ege were trapped under the rubble in their apartment located in the southern province of Hatay. While the father and the son were able to survive, Zeynep Yaprak, who was taken to the hospital after being pulled out of the rubble, could not be saved despite the interventions.

Mehmet Aydın Yaprak, who started living with his family after the earthquakes, visited his wife’s grave in Narlıca Cemetery for Mother’s Day. Yaprak prayed for his wife and left the flowers he had brought for her grave.

“I got out of the rubble with my child. We pulled my wife out half conscious, her legs were in a bad condition. We took her to the hospital, but she passed away. It feels terrible without her. I was so used to having my wife by my side. I feel sorry for my child as well,” he said.

Stating that Zeynep Yaprak was a good mother and a good wife, the mournful husband said that last year on Mother’s Day, he bought her a gift on behalf of their son along with some flowers.

“God bless her, she never made me upset once. May she rest in heaven. It was supposed to be our second anniversary in April, but it felt like we had been married for 20 years. May God never let anyone experience a pain like this again.”

In the quake-hit southern province of Osmaniye, Durdu Deniz Kılınç Öksüz and her son also lost their lives under the rubble.

Öksüz’s mother, Sevim Kılınç, visit the grave of her daughter and grandson every day and never leave their side, and Mother’s Day was not an exception.

Kılınç stated that her 24-year-old daughter had many dreams and she used to celebrate her Mother’s Day each year at midnight.

“This time I brought her flowers. Three months have passed and I miss her so much, God forbid it happens to anyone. This is the first Mother’s Day without her, I couldn’t hear her voice,” she cried.

Meanwhile, as the elections were taking place, Songül Uçar, a polling attendant in the northern province of Bartın, was surprised by her daughter Neslihan Uçar with flowers to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Songül Uçar stated that she was surprised and was not expecting it at all.

“My mother deserved this lovely surprise and we thought we should support her duty here on Mother’s Day,” Neslihan Uçar said.