MHP to hold congress on same day as Nevruz

MHP to hold congress on same day as Nevruz

MHP to hold congress on same day as Nevruz

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The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) will hold its annual congress on March 21, on the same day as the Nevruz Festival, where a message from the jailed leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Abdullah Öcalan is set to be read out in Diyarbakır. The MHP has decided to hold its congress on the same day in order to present itself as a strict opponent of the peace process and as the guardian of Turkey’s unity.

MHP deputy Semih Yalçın has said the congress in Ankara was “deliberately” planned to coincide with Nevruz.

The party plans to burn a Nevruz fire at the back of the Arena Sports Hall, along with folk dance shows, in a bid to show that Nevruz is not only for Kurds, but an old Turkish tradition.

“Walk with us, Turkey,” will be the slogan of MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli at the congress, where he is expected to stress that Turkey is at the risk of separation due to the peace process, so the June 7 general election has extra importance.

Some 1,311 guests are invited to the congress, along with 232 delegates of the party.

The Nevruz celebrations in Diyarbakır on March 21 are expected to be marked by a message from Öcalan, which was given to a Peoples’ Democratic Party (MHP) delegation in a meeting at İmralı Island Prison.

The message is expected to include a call from Öcalan for the PKK to hold a congress to discuss laying down arms.