MHP leader Bahçeli discharged from hospital

MHP leader Bahçeli discharged from hospital

MHP leader Bahçeli discharged from hospital

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli was discharged from an Ankara hospital on Sept. 23 after being admitted for fever caused by a respiratory infection.

“I visited Mr. Devlet Bahçeli. He will be discharged in a little while. There is no situation that requires him to stay in hospital. His treatment will continue at home,” said Turkey’s Health Minister Fahrettin Koca.

“I can conveniently say that there is no serious condition. [He has a] respiratory infection but nothing serious,” he added.

Bahçeli on Sept. 23 was hospitalized in the capital Ankara, with questions lingering over the reasons why.

While some social media accounts claimed that Bahçeli was having a cardiovascular problem or cerebral hemorrhage, Semih Yalçın, deputy leader of the MHP, made the first statement, saying his condition is “great and perfect.”

“In the early hours of [Sept. 23], our chairman reported to the hospital with a complaint of nausea. His medical examinations are ongoing. He has no problems like a cerebral bleeding or a cardiac disease,” Yalçın told reporters in front of the hospital.

“[Bahçeli] is conscious and can talk. He is resting. There is no problem,” he said.

In the meantime, the MHP leader’s principal clerk announced that Bahçeli was hospitalized due to a fever caused by a respiratory infection.

“The MHP leader … has been brought under control as he was hospitalized due to febricity caused by an upper respiratory infection,” Murat Çeliker, MHP’s principal clerk, said on Twitter on Sept. 23.

“His condition is quite well, and he is conveying his love to our community,” Çeliker’s statement read.