MHP calls on opposition to collaborate for new charter

MHP calls on opposition to collaborate for new charter

MHP calls on opposition to collaborate for new charter

The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has already started to work for the new constitution in line with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s call, MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli has said, describing it as a historic duty to crown the centennial of the Republic of Turkey while calling on the opposition parties to lend their support to this initiative.

“The MHP has comprehended the vision of the new constitution and has started to work steadfastly. God willing, our work will be finalized very soon,” Bahçeli told his parliamentary group in a weekly address on April 20.

President Erdoğan has vowed to present a new civilian constitution with the participation of all the political parties to mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 2023. The opposition parties have been distant to the call, stressing that they could only be on board if the change would include a shift from the executive presidency to a parliamentary system.

The MHP, as the main political ally of President Erdoğan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), has supported the idea of a new constitution. “We will hopefully complete our preparations for the new constitution befitting our people’s dignity through the mutual will of the People’s Alliance and common wisdom,” Bahçeli said.

In this regard, Bahçeli also called on the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the İYİ (Good) Party to collaborate for the new constitution. “Let’s merge forces, and let’s get rid of the junta-made constitution. Let’s open a new page for the future. It should not be forgotten that victory comes out of unity and defeat out of selfishness,” he stressed.

“The new constitution is the objective of Turkish people. The people, history and future generations will never forgive those who hesitate to fulfill this duty,” he added.

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