Meteorologists warn citizens against possible storms

Meteorologists warn citizens against possible storms

Meteorologists warn citizens against possible storms

Meteorologists have declared “yellow alert” warning for 39 provinces, mostly in the southwest of the country, warning citizens to be careful and cautious against the possibilities such as storms and strong winds.

“Citizens should be careful and cautious against possible negativities as it is predicted that it will blow strongly in the Marmara, Aegean and Black Sea and Central Anatolia regions and in the form of short-term storms from time to time in the Marmara and Aegean regions,” the Turkish State Meteorological Service said in its latest weather report.

The bureau also warned against problems due to the possible storm such as falling trees and poles, roofs blowing off and disruptions in transportation.

Meteorologists urged the citizens in the west of Marmara to be careful against negativities such as local flooding and lightning, as the precipitation is expected to be strong in places.

Meanwhile, Istanbul municipality also issued a statement, warning citizens to be careful against strong winds. “The storm expected to blow at 40-65 kilometers per hour can turn into a strong storm of 70-75 kilometers with short-term moves as Istanbul and the western regions of our country will be affected by the low-pressure system over the Central Mediterranean.”

“Due to the pressure system that carries the warm and rainy weather of the south to our region, the rains are expected to last until Tuesday [Nov. 22], and the temperatures are expected to remain in the range of 15-18 degrees Celsius throughout the next week,” it said.

Between Nov. 21-30, it is estimated that it will be 1 to 3 degrees below the seasonal norms, it added.

The “yellow alert” indicates a “potential danger situation” in the weather. Though the predicted event is not unusual, it is used to warn to be careful about activities that may be affected by meteorological conditions.

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