Meteorologists issue ‘yellow alert’ across country

Meteorologists issue ‘yellow alert’ across country

Meteorologists issue ‘yellow alert’ across country

The Turkish State Meteorological Service has declared a “yellow alert,” which means potential weather danger, for 27 out of all 81 provinces on late Nov. 23, warning that heavy precipitation will occur across the country until the weekend.

“There will be rainfalls in the Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolian and the Black Sea provinces while snowfalls may begin in the eastern parts,” it said in a statement.

Highlighting that the temperature will decline by 2 to 6 degrees Celsius across the country, officials also warned of strong winds and storms.

Due to rainfalls, the traffic in Istanbul came nearly to a halt as the traffic density topped some 76 percent on the evening of Nov. 23.

The heavy downpours caused flooding in many areas in the western province of İzmir, where many offices and houses on ground floors flooded.

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