Merkel praises migrants’ role in German progress

Merkel praises migrants’ role in German progress

BERLIN - Anatolian News Agency
Merkel praises migrants’ role in German progress

The potential of migrants is a huge opportunity for Germany, where 15,7 mln migrants live, Merkel says. REUTERS photo

The potential of immigrants living in Germany represents a great opportunity for the betterment of the country, Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday.

Speaking at an event in the Prime Ministry called “Proceed on Your Path” organized by the German Harmony Foundation, Merkel said the campaign would provide a chance to send important messages to the youth.

“The potential of the immigrants is an opportunity for us. Immigrants are contributing to our welfare,” the chancellor said.

Noting that Germany was home to 15.7 million immigrants, Merkel said the number of children named “Hasan,” “Ayşe” or “Dimitri” was increasing day by day and that the talents of such youths must be fostered.

“We ought to provide an opportunity to immigrant families and young immigrants to advance and encourage them. Our message to these people must be like, ‘you can succeed, proceed on your path,’” she said.

Germany is an open country, she said, while emphasizing that there should be strong unity in the nation. There should be a feeling of “us,” the chancellor said.