Mayor vows to sell ‘communist honey’ across Turkey

Mayor vows to sell ‘communist honey’ across Turkey

Mayor vows to sell ‘communist honey’ across Turkey

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A local mayor from the Turkish Communist Party (TKP) in eastern Turkey plans to release his municipality’s own home-grown “communist honey” onto the market and sell it across Turkey. 

“Those who buy the communist honey will taste good quality honey. They will get a taste of us and will become more communist,” Ovacık Mayor Fatih Maçoğlu told Doğan News Agency.

The mayor of Ovacık in the eastern province of Tunceli said they will make an agreement with local beekeepers engaged in organic honey production in order release “the best quality honey onto the market.”
Maçoğlu said they have reached agreement with 40 local beekeepers from the Tunceli Beekeepers Association who are determined to continue making honey organically. When it hits the market the honey will mainly be sold online. 

The communist mayor has developed savvy commercial acumen in recent years, hitting headlines for releasing local organic beans and chickpeas onto the market. 

“Everyone who has bought our peas and chickpeas has said ‘We bought communist peas and chickpeas.’ And from now on ‘communist honey’ has entered Turkey’s lexicon,” he said. 

Maçoğlu was the first-ever mayor to win under the banner of the TKP in Turkey’s modern history in the 2014 local election.