Mayor vows to build 'Central Park' in Istanbul

Mayor vows to build 'Central Park' in Istanbul

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
Mayor vows to build Central Park in Istanbul

DAILY NEWS Photo, Emrah Gürel

Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş said they would build a huge park in Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul similar to Central Park in New York, speaking after a fast-breaking dinner in Sultanahmet Square on July 27.

“When the Veliefendi Hippodrome is officially registered as closed to construction, following the 500,000-square-meter Çırpıcı Meadow, this area will total 1 million square meters. This is the biggest open area in Istanbul city center. We will build a park similar to Central Park and significant parks in Europe. This is just the beginning, and our work will continue,” Topbaş told reporters after the fast-breaking dinner in Sultanahmet Square late July 27.

The Istanbul Greater Municipality Council banned construction at Çırpıcı Meadow, near the E-5 highway for this project, said Topbaş.

The 500-square-meter area, known as Çırpıcı Meadow, is owned by the Istanbul Greater Municipality, the Istanbul Waterworks Authority (İSKİ) and the private sector, said Topbaş, adding that all these properties can be merged into one and become a huge park.

“We are working on a project to expropriate the private property in this area for two years so that this area can be a city park used by 3 million people.”

Topbaş also noted that there had been an application to make the land of Veliefendi Hippodrome a natural protected area and said they had been meeting with the managers of the hippodrome on the issue.

Bakırköy, Zeytinburnu, Güngören and Bahçelievler districts of Istanbul will have a significant city park, said Topbaş, adding that this area is close to the tramway and sea transportation areas, making it a central park.