Massive fire in wooden building injures two

Massive fire in wooden building injures two

Massive fire in wooden building injures two

A fire broke out at a historic wooden building in the Gümüşsuyu quarter of Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district early on Dec. 31, causing damage, İhlas News Agency has reported.

It was later understood that two people, believed to be homeless, were trapped in the flames, although the building was thought to have been abandoned by its owners some time ago.

As the firefighters were called on to put out the fire, the locals rushed to take initiative when the screams of the trapped duo were heard from the windows of the burning house.

Ultimately, they jumped out of the window at the last moment when the flames reached where they were.

While the first medical intervention was made to the injured two at the Syriac Catholic Church next to the burning building, it was reported that the health condition of one them, whose body was engulfed in flames when jumping off, was severe.

The treatment of the person whose identity has not been determined yet continues at the Taksim First Aid Training and Research Hospital.