Man killed as driver mistakes accelerator for brake

Man killed as driver mistakes accelerator for brake

Man killed as driver mistakes accelerator for brake

A pedestrian was killed in Istanbul on June 15 while he was trying to help a driver in reverse parking as she accidentally slammed on the accelerator instead of the brake.

The following video has graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers:

The horrific accident occurred in Istanbul’s Sarıyer neighborhood in the morning.

An identified driver asked for help as she tried to park in reverse in front of a restaurant, calling out for a municipality worker who was at the site to fix a water leakage on the road.

The worker, identified as 52-year-old Yahya Macit, accepted it and walked behind the car to help with the parking, but the driver hit him and then confused the gas pedal with the brake.

The man, who was dragged for 10 meters under the car, died at the hospital, Doğan News Agency reported on June 16.

Here are some ways to reduce the chances of a pedal error, as listed by Disparti Law Group in the United States:

Aim for the Center— Make a habit of aiming your foot for the middle of the brake pedal every time you hit the brakes. Focus on the center of the brake pedal to reinforce muscle memory.

Wear Proper Shoes for Driving—Boots, high heels and flips flops can contribute to pedal errors that cause unintended acceleration. Wear appropriate, light weight footwear when behind the wheel.

Proceed Slowly —Be careful when backing out of parking spaces and pulling into them. Parking lots and driveways are where motorists are most likely to encounter pedestrians.

Be Familiar—Whatever car you are driving, take time to adjust a car’s steering wheel and mirrors and make sure you are familiar with the location of the safety equipment such as the brakes, horn, windshield wipers and hazard lights.

Adjust the Seat—A driver’s height may contribute to pedal error. It’s important to adjust the driver’s seat so that your foot can easily and comfortably reach the accelerator and brake pedals.

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