Man hunts birds in public park with rifle

Man hunts birds in public park with rifle

Man hunts birds in public park with rifle

A man has hunted birds with a rifle in the center of the Muratpaşa district of the Mediterranean province of Antalya.

In the early hours on Nov. 9, the man arrived in the Falez Park where people do their morning sports and jog. He pulled a precision rifle
which had a silencer out of his car and leaned on the hood of his vehicle.

The man then aimed at the birds in the park and started firing at them.

Ignoring the people in the park, he fired several shots.

He later collected the birds he killed with the rifle. He also chopped off the heads of all the birds he killed. The man later put the birds in his car and left the scene. People recorded the man and his reckless behavior on their mobile phones.

“I took the number plate of the car and informed the police of the incident. It was a total terror we experienced in the middle of the town, in a park where children play and people do sports. He did not care about other peoples’ lives,” one eye witness said.

Upon the formal complaints of the people who recorded the man, police have launched an investigation into the incident. Police have said they are trying to identify the man’s identity.