Man detained for threatening nurse who asked ashoura dessert from mayor

Man detained for threatening nurse who asked ashoura dessert from mayor

Man detained for threatening nurse who asked ashoura dessert from mayor

A man, who insulted and threatened a nurse for asking Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavaş to offer a plate of ashoura on social media, was detained by the police in the Mediterranean province of Antalya after a criminal complaint filed by Yavaş.

The General Directorate of Police (EGM) announced that suspect Süleyman Kaan Altınok, who insulted and threatened the nurse Büşra on Twitter, has been detained in Antalya.

An inappropriate post over a dialogue that started on social media sparked anger across the country at a time when violence against women and healthcare workers has been frequent.

The nurse Büşra, who works at Ankara City Hospital, asked Yavaş to offer a plate of ashoura, a mixture of morsels of grain and dried fruits in a sweet pudding garnished with pomegranate, on the holy day of Ashoura with a message, “Mr. Mayor, can you send me a plate of ashoura, thank you.”

“My dear daughter Büşra, ashoura desserts are on the way for all our healthcare professionals working at the City Hospital in your presence. Eat with pleasure, good to have you,” Yavaş replied, quoting the nurse’s message.

Upon the instructions of Yavaş, the desserts prepared in the kitchen of Ankara Municipality were sent to healthcare professionals working in the hospital.

However, a user named Süleyman Kaan Altınok wrote inappropriate messages by quoting Yavaş’s post.

“We will hassle your dear daughter Büşra [the nurse] soon,” Altınok said, demanding from Health Minister Fahrettin Koca to terminate the employment contract of the nurse.

“Or someone else will end things for her in another way and you will get into a scrape,” the man said, addressing to minister Koca.

Having a dialogue with another social media user after the post, Yavaş reacted to the message containing threats to the nurse.

“Dear Aybüke, you are my child just like my own kids. However, I have been hesitant to answer you in an environment where even clean hearts who want a plate of ashoura are targeted,” said Yavaş.

Following calls made by women’s rights groups on social media, Koca announced that he had a phone conversation with Büşra.

“Everyone should know that we stand by our healthcare professionals and all women’s rights to the fullest,” Koca said.

“Ashoura is our symbol of unity, sharing and solidarity. Endless thanks to everyone who keeps this tradition alive,” he added.