Main opposition to appeal presidential election law

Main opposition to appeal presidential election law

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
The main opposition People’s Republican Party (CHP) will appeal to Turkey’s Constitutional Court to keep the Presidential Election Law, which was accepted in Parliament in Jan. 19 and ratified by President Abdullah Gül on Jan. 25, from going into effect.

“We are facing the peril of any majority party being able to alter the term of office through such a law by relying on their majority whenever they see fit. That is the most significant problem with this law,” said CHP Group Deputy President Emine Ülker Tarhan.

The new law allows the president to be elected by the people, rather than by Parliament, and reduced the presidential term of office from seven years to five. 

“I believe this is a petition that reflects our views as the CHP and which also responds to the concerns of the public,” Tarhan added.

The CHP will most likely appeal the law to the Constitutional Court within the week, she said, adding the party is concerned the new law could lead to processes that could harm the supremacy of the Constitution.