Maiden’s Tower strengthened with ‘stakes’

Maiden’s Tower strengthened with ‘stakes’

Umut Erdem- ISTANBUL
Maiden’s Tower strengthened with ‘stakes’

Within the scope of the restoration works of the historical Maiden’s Tower, one of the symbolic buildings of Istanbul, the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry has informed that they have surrounded the island where the tower is located with stakes to keep it standing and afloat for thousands of years.

The Culture and Tourism Ministry invited officials from the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry to receive advice on the problem of the infrastructure and the ground of the tower during the restoration works undertaken for months, stated Yalçın Eyigün, the general manager of the ministry’s Infrastructure Investment Department.

Stating that the Maiden’s Tower can be considered basically as a structure built on an island, Eyigün pointed out that this island is not solid and hard, rather it has fragments and soft ground.

The earthquake that occurred in the northern province of Düzce on November 2022 caused further damage as fragments in the ground expanded, Eyigün added.

“That’s why we prepared a report saying, ‘We need to do what is necessary to keep this tower standing for hundreds and even thousands of years,’” he expressed.

Accordingly, the ministry strengthened the island where the tower is located with the help of stakes used all around, Eyigün said.

Eyigün also noted that by “encircling the tower with stakes,” it was prepared for a possible major Istanbul earthquake.

In the meantime, Marmaray, which passes under the seas and forms one of the essential public transportation networks of the city, has also become a subject of concern about the expected large-scale earthquake.

Speaking on the rising concerns, Eyigün noted that Marmaray was built considering the possibility of the largest earthquake that is likely to occur once in 2,475 years.

Eyigün also underlined that several seismic isolators were used in the construction of Çamlıca Tower, which has hosted a significant number of visitors recently.