‘Magnificent Century’ exhibition opens in Dubai

‘Magnificent Century’ exhibition opens in Dubai

‘Magnificent Century’ exhibition opens in Dubai An exhibition, organized by the Istanbul Entertainment Group and Dubai sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktum’s company Meraas and inspired by popular Turkish TV series “Magnificient Century,” has opened in Dubai CityWalk. 

“Hareem Al Sultan: The exhibition” made its world premiere in Istanbul in November 2014 and traveled to Doha for the first time as part of Qatar Turkey 2015 Year of Culture. 

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the palace of “Magnificent Century” to experience what it feels like to be living in an era of greatness and dangerous ambitions.

From the very first episodes to unforgettable scenes, the large multimedia exhibition presents the original décor, costumes and accessories used during the show. Guests can get a personal look at the artistry and craftsmanship that went into creating the iconic props and costumes that appeared throughout the famous series, illustrating the life and times of the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent.

An interactive adaptation of the historical fiction, the exhibition reveals the life in the palace and more.

On an area of 1,300 square-meters, the authentic artifacts are displayed in elaborate settings inspired by locations from the palace including the harem and the hamam. Exclusively made, hyper-realistic silicone sculptures of 12 characters in the series are other highlights of the exhibition, which will remain open until May. 

First broadcasted in 2011, “The Magnificent Century” aired in more than 50 countries, reaching more than 200 million viewers worldwide.