Lost cat ‘Spotty’ found by another cat

Lost cat ‘Spotty’ found by another cat

Kardelen Koldaş - BURSA
Lost cat ‘Spotty’ found by another cat

'Spotty's missing cat report (L) and Yağmur Kuruoğlu (R)

Nine-year-old Yağmur Kuruoğlu launched a campaign in the northwestern province of Bursa to find her lost cat “Benekli” (“Spotty” in Turkish), only to be helped by another cat, “Pamuk” (“Cotton”), her family told daily Hürriyet.

According to the family, Yağmur visited her grandparents in the district of İznik last weekend. When she discovered the three cats fed by her grandmother were lost, she made an ad of her lost cats with sketches of them, listing their physical features and her grandmother’s name, Mukadder Sevim, and phone number. “Have you seen my cat?” said the ads, which she had hung around the city’s streets.

The reports for the missing cat had gone viral on social media after local people photographed and shared them, but it had led to no avail as the cats had still not been found.

The girl returned to her home in Istanbul after the weekend and her grandmother started to monitor the behavior of her fourth cat, Pamuk. “We had found Benekli and Pamuk together in the street when they were babies. We have raised them, so they always hang around together,” the woman said.

When Mukadder Sevim followed Pamuk one day, the cat directly took her to where Benekli was. “She brought me to her,” Sevim told daily Hürriyet. “I was so upset when she was lost. This world is not only for humans, it is for animals as well. No living being should experience pain,” the woman added, noting the joy of her granddaughter thanks to Pamuk’s help in finding Benekli.

Güven Kuruoğlu, Yağmur's father, said he learned about her daughter's efforts on social media. "We were not aware that she was looking for the cat. She loves animals. We suspect that she might be a cat as well," he added.

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