Long-established local paper shut down

Long-established local paper shut down

Long-established local paper shut down

Yeni Adana, one of the country's oldest and prominent newspaper running for over a century and established just before the Turkish War of Independence, has ended its operations.

Yeni Adana newspaper, one of the oldest local newspapers in Adana, was founded by Ahmet Remzi Yüreğir and Mehmet Avni Doğan, a reserve officer from the Central Anatolian province of Yozgat, and started publishing on Dec. 25, 1918, right after the occupation of the city by the French.

After three issues, the newspaper was shut down under pressure from the French forces. However, the founders did not give in to the pressure and brought the newspaper back to publication five days later.

The centuries-old newspaper has now stopped operating, with its last edition on July 31.

Published daily for the last 105 years, the newspaper ended its publishing life with the headline "An era ends."

Speaking to local media, Oya Yüreğir, the granddaughter of co-founder Ahmet Remzi Yüreğir, noted that their family has been trying to keep the newspaper afloat but that they had been facing a difficult time lately and decided to cease its publication.

“We have decided to close the newspaper as a family. After my grandfather, my father ran the business for years. We are two sisters. This place was like my father's third child. So much so that my sister and I were jealous of this newspaper. We had taken over the business due to my father's recent health problems,” Yüreğir said, noting that Yeni Adana was established to organize the residents of Adana to get rid of the French occupation just before the start of the War of Independence.