Local academy trains cops from 17 nations

Local academy trains cops from 17 nations

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Local academy trains cops from 17 nations Turkish police academy has trained 778 foreingers, according to official data. Turkmens top the list of nations at the academy with 117 students.

A total of 778 people from 17 countries have graduated from the Turkish Police Academy with Turkmens, Albanians, Azerbaijanis and Palestinians topping the list.

The Turkish Police Academy, which was founded as a higher education, in-service training agency in 1937 under the name of Police Institute, has begun hosting more and more international students every year.

Some 1,338 foreign national students have begun studies and 778 of them have graduated, the head of the academy, Professor Remzi Fındıklı said. These students returned to their countries and were appointed to posts, he added.

Fındıklı said the school had 1,927 students currently.

Turkmenistan, with some 117 students, is at the top of the list; Albania, with 109 students, placed second; and Azerbaijan was third with 96 students.

Also 83 students from Palestine graduated this year.

Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Moldova, Macedonia, Jordan, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Turkish Cyprus and Kosovo have also sent numerous students. The Police Academy began accepting students from other universities to meet the demands of the Turkish Police Organization for different specialized branches in 1989.