'Little Amal' completes Turkey tour

'Little Amal' completes Turkey tour

Little Amal completes Turkey tour

The journey in Turkey of the 3.5-meter-tall puppet “Little Amal,” which was designed to highlight the difficulties of Syrian refugee children to the world, ended on Aug. 9.

“Little Amal,” which set out from the southeastern province of Gaziantep on July 27 in order to raise awareness about the difficulties of refugee children on their journey to Europe with or without their families, met with children and their families who came to see her off at Sağlık Beach in İzmir’s Çeşme district.

Amal watched the sunset on the last day of her route in Turkey along with families from İzmir, asylum seekers and project managers, who did not leave her alone.

The event ended with a farewell concert by Syrian singers.

Prepared under the leadership of the Good Chance Theater, a U.K.-based theater and art company that deals with refugee issues, and as part of the “Walk Project,” which is supported by many artists, institutions and organizations from Turkey, Amal tells the story of a 9-year-old Syrian girl who set out to find her mother.

Designed as part of a project aimed at raising awareness among the world and drawing attention to the problems of refugee children with the bitter story of Little Amal, the puppet will travel thousands of kilometers in 65 cities, crossing the border of eight countries on its journey, which started in Gaziantep on July 27.

Little Amal’s journey will end in Manchester, England, on Nov. 3.

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