Largest ethnography museum in Isparta

Largest ethnography museum in Isparta

ISPARTA - Anatolia News Agency
Largest ethnography museum in Isparta

Isparta is best known as the city of roses as well as for its carpets and kilims. DHA photo

Work has restarted for the establishment of Turkey’s largest ethnography museum in the southern province of Isparta. Work for the museum’s creation originally began nearly two years ago, but was stopped in the tender process after the tender was cancelled for various reasons.

The Isparta Municipality had ordered the construction of a 4.5 meter gate for the museum, which features motifs reflecting 16 Turkish empires, Seljuk art and Isparta culture. The tender is set to be made in July.
Isparta Mayor Yusuf Ziya Güaydın said that the municipality has continued promotions in Turkey and abroad with a particular focus on works that highlight the city’s significant values, carpets and kilims, a flat-woven rug or carpet.

The ethnography museum is being established to bring together all of the city’s values, according to Güaydın. “The city is known as the rose garden of Turkey and we want to open the largest ethnography museum in the country,” he said.

The gate constructed for the museum’s entrance was specially designed, Güaydın said. “The gate will be easily opened and closed. It is a unique gate in Turkey, such a cultural value,” he said.

The mayor said that each window of the museum would be different from the other and no nail would be used in their construction. He said, “We will also revive the art of wooden painting with the establishment of the museum. We have 22 woodcarving masters in three years for this work.”

The museum will display 3,200 hand woven kilims and carpets that are about to be forgotten. There will also be a 28-meter long rose statue on the top of the museum building.